How to Post Photos

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How to Post Photos

Postby DeGuzman » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:35 am

We love to see photos in the forums.

If you want to post a photo in any of the forums, start by resizing your photos to 640 pixels on either side (any photo editing software should do this - Google's Picassa - use the Export function - works great and is free). This keeps the file size resonable and viewers don't have to scroll across the screen to see the full photos. You may upload up to 15 photos per post.

Posting photos is relatively simple. The photos below illustrate the photo posting process.


Go to the bottom of you draft post. Click on the "Upload Attachment" Tab.


Use the browse button to navigate to the photo you want attached. Select the photo. You will see a link to the photo filename field. Click on the "Add the file" button. Your photo will now be uploaded. You can on repeating this step till you have uploaded all your photos.


Once uploaded, you can add comments to the photo in the "File Comments" field. Remember that this is optional. You can also add longer comments/narrative right under the photo itself. It does not need to be attached to the photo itself. The next photo should show this.


Now you need to specify where in your post you want your photo to show (if you don't the photos will appear at the end of your post). In your message, put your cursor on where you want your photo to display and the click on "Place Inline". Once you do this, you will see the attachment name posted (underlined in red). You can add any text below or above this line.


You can now click on "Preview" to see your post. Repeat for more photos.

We looks forward to seeing your photos!
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