What are your plans this year?

Most current Fleet 1 News. Post anything you want or need about upcoming races or events. Also let everyjuan know if you plan on attending the next race

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What are your plans this year?

Postby San Juan Sailboats » Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:41 pm

Hey Everyjuan,

I am the Race Chairman for Fleet 1 this year. This means I am the juan who will set up the course, Flag course options, Initiate the starting sequence, etc.
If you are new to racing, Please let me know and I will help you understand the rules and procedures and help you have fun.

Tell us what your sailing plans are this year. Racing? Crusing? What class will you race in? What races will you attend? Where are you cruising to. What are your goals this year?

Charmed Juan will again be sailing in the Spinnaker class and make most if not all of the races.
My goals this year are to improve my helmsmanship and boat handling skills. With Mr. Barker as regular First Mate, I think I can take the fight to the Woog.
For those of you who don't know, Wooglin and Charmed Juan have had some epic battles over the last 12 years This year, we are tied with 5 Spinnaker Class Championships each.
However, Jessie who has two Season Championships in spinnaker class and others in Working sails, Wild Juan, Juanita, or Mizu may step up and act the spoiler.
It's going to be a fun sailing season.
San Juan Sailboats
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Re: What are your plans this year?

Postby dannyswanson » Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:14 pm

Charmed Juan,

One of my plans is to get 2 boats from Klamath up to one of your races. You guys keep moving around with your venues, where does one aim? March 5th seems early and we have not hit the water yet down here, so can you tell me a little more about this rigging/season starter. How much of the day will it be (worth towing the 21 that far?), does weather hinder or is this a go out even if its raining Washington positive attitude, and you will be racing yes? Or, do you have a different recommendation for visitors?

Danny from Klamath YC
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Re: What are your plans this year?

Postby Capt. Woogy » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:34 pm

Hello Danny,
Unless you have other things planned for your trip up here I don't know that one of our Saturday series races would be worth the effort, although we usually pack 4-5 races into the 3 hour window. We do however participate in a couple fun 2-day regattas. The Three Tree Point Yacht Club Spring Regatta is May 20 -21 this year. We race off Des Moines Marina on Puget Sound. They always host a nice event. Our other favorite is the Lake Chelan Regatta the weekend after Labor Day. It's usually great weather, racing is fun and laid back, camping is close by and the host club always does it right. You see SJ21s down from Canada, up from Fleet 52 and a few from Seattle. I'm bummed if I have to miss that one.
There is one more this year September 23-24. Fleet 1 is in the planning stages to host a regatta on Lake Union to honor Gene Adams who we lost last summer. He loved our boats, our fleet, the Center for Wooden Boats and always enjoyed racing on Lake Union. That venue has it's challenges but our goal is to try and make it happen. Our back up plan will be to hold it in Brownsville where we've hosted Nationals a few times in the past. Stay tuned on that one.
- Chris
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