MK1: Have to release shrouds to raise mast

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MK1: Have to release shrouds to raise mast

Postby sjsailor » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:06 am

I'm new to the forum but owned a MK2 (Avocet 1879) for almost 30 years until last summer. We loved that boat and decided to get another SJ. We recently purchased a MK1 (Freyja 629) in excellent condition to sail here in Lake Tahoe area.
So, On the MK2 it was just raise and lower the mast and that's that. Never touched the shrouds. I never noticed if the shrouds tightened a lot during the raising. Other posts here and the excellent how to series on lowering the mast single-handed all show a MK 1 lowering the mast w/o shroud adjustment which is how I always thought it worked for SJ21's.

Freyja on the other hand, has to have one set of shrouds released. She has the stepped chainplate; I have the inner on the forward raised part of the step and the outer on the aft lower part. Outers are adjusted and go up and down just fine. The inner shrouds , adjusted to a "medium" tightness when the mast is raised, end up over an inch short of the chainplate when it is down resting on the crutch. If I adjust the shroud to fit when the mast is down, they are totally loose when it is raised. I feel like I'm missing something here that, after all these years with a SJ, I should be getting. Standing rigging was replaced 3 years ago. The chainplates are in line with the maststep hinge. Spreaders (29") are straight out from the mast.
Any thoughts? It isn't a big deal to set up the inner shrouds after the mast is raised but I'd like to solve the puzzle.

This is a great forum, keep up the good work.
John E
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Freyja 629
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Re: MK1: Have to release shrouds to raise mast

Postby cklamp » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:01 pm

John, some SJ21's require the shrouds to be loosened, period, to raise/lower the mast. And some SJ sailors loosen them as a matter of procedure or because that's how they always did it on their old boat.

But... your MKI has the stair step chain plate, which IIRC is supposed to allow you to not have to tighten/loosen the shrouds to raise/lower the mast. I'm not entirely sure but I think you may have them backwards. It's not sometime I really think about, but i'll try to remember to look at Mizu tonight. I think the lowers on Mizu are attached to the lower step, and the upper shrouds to the upper step.

Someone else might come along and correct me if they have the right information though.

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Re: MK1: Have to release shrouds to raise mast

Postby Charmed Juan » Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:36 pm

One of the things about our rigs the tendancy for the mid section of the mast to bend forward when pulling backstay. This induces wrinkles in the main on some boats. To counter this, the lowers shouild be tighter than the uppers. It also helps if the lowers are on the aft chain plate.
Stephen Jensen

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Re: MK1: Have to release shrouds to raise mast

Postby tbs54 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:44 am

(MK1 263) I have the uppers on the froward chain plate and I have to loosen the stay in order to lower the mast.
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