Drying out

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Drying out

Postby scurvybrat » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:09 pm

My boat is moored and accumulates her share of condensation. After I met with Ivar cum Odd Juan I learned that a small fan can help dry my 21. I tried a couple of different methods before buying a fan. First I got a heater fan from West Marine and placed it next to the compression post. It dried that area out and dried my wet bulkheads, but didn't work too well on the bow ceiling or aft berths. Next, I added weather stripping around the hatch and sealed it up tight, and removed a companionway board, but sealing the hatch stopped the air from moving around the moisture stayed the same. Next just unplugged the heater, popped the hatch and left the companionway board out but it remained wet.

Well, I was frustrated. The cloth on the interior remained wet, the portholes were dripping wet and the chainplates were moist and the bulkheads were rotten. It was a sad state of affairs, and the boat was awash in tears :(

I've been on a mission to get this boat dry and safe. In the last couple of weeks I've unstepped the mast and removed the old, rotten, original bulkheads. Charmed Juan cut some new ones out and I picked them up last week; they're great! I removed the chainplates and am waiting for this cold snap to ease before resealing them. Meanwhile, I've gotten her a lot closer to dry. Here's my setup: I propped the hatch open about an inch, removed one companionway board and put this fan in the bow about 4 inches aft of the hatch with the fan pointing up at a 60 degree angle.

After one week with the fan on 24/7 the portholes are dry, all the interior fabric is dry and nearly all the bow and midships surfaces are dry. I'm still battling a dozen drips on the ceilings of both aft berths. I haven't decided how to handle that. There's no fabric there and not a lot of moisture, but I would still like it dry back there. Any tips on that are appreciated.

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Re: Drying out

Postby Dark'n'stormy » Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:32 pm

This sounds all too familiar...

What I did was to ditch the factory companion way boards (not the slider hatch) and replaced it with smokey lexan and mounted a solar fan smack dab in the middle. You can heat the boat up to a thousand degrees inside, but if the moisture has no way out, no airflow, it's not going to go anywhere. I'm a fixed keel guy, so I have zero experience with the centerboard trunk, but how's that holding up? Is there a gasket that might be leaking in moisture? My boat leaks like a sieve, my window seals are shot, the bow light acts as a deck drain, and there a ton of old screw holes in my cockpit... My core is in excellent shape, but it still fills up with water when it rains, however i keep my boat indoors, so its not a priority, but i am all too familiar with how to fix this... First of all check your deck drains....

Yer gonna need a few things...

1) shop vac and a large sponge
2) fan
3) tarp and sealant
4) heater
5) my personal favorite, Damp-rid

suck and sponge up every drop of water you can find, seal your windows, put a tarp over your boom to Keep the cockpit dry, put the fan at one end of the boat, heater at the other. Open up all the compartments, and put several containers of damp rid in various parts of the boat, replace as needed. It might take a while, but in a week or two, it will be dry as a bone, but just closing up the boat and leaving without air circulation is not good for these boats
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