2013 Cruising dates from Jack and Jeff!

If you're planning on doing some cruising and would like some company or just a nice place to organize it, post here. Also, if you had a great cruising experience and would like to share it with other sailors, post here.

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2013 Cruising dates from Jack and Jeff!

Postby cklamp » Wed May 08, 2013 1:09 pm

Hey everyone,

We have cruising dates from our Cruise Chairman Jeff Dere, and Jack Caldwell. I'll put these up on the automated events calendar as soon as I can, but for now, save the date, and let Jeff/Jack know if you're interested in going!


June 1-2- Langley
After the June 1 fleet race in Everett, cruise over to the Langley Marina for an overnight.
Contact Jack

July 4th Daysail/Cruise up the Duwamish River
Launch at Don Armeni, sail/cruise up the Duwamish River for the day
Contact Jack or Jeff D.

July 20-21 Riffe Lake
Sail the prevailing westerlies that build in the afternoon - Good wind!
Working on details of some racing: possible buoy racing in east end, a race/cruise up/down the lake.
Overnight accommodations include anchor out, camping, or motel in Morton
Contact Jack or Jeff D.

Aug 24-25 Brownsville (tentative
After the Aug 24th fleet race, stay overnight at the Brownsville marina
Contact Jack
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