SJ 21 Fleet#1 Cruise's 2017

If you're planning on doing some cruising and would like some company or just a nice place to organize it, post here. Also, if you had a great cruising experience and would like to share it with other sailors, post here.

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SJ 21 Fleet#1 Cruise's 2017

Postby CALDWELL » Fri May 12, 2017 3:22 pm

For all you cruiser's out there it's the long awaited posting of our most extensive cruising calendar ever.
Coming soon to our web site. Please add these to your calendar and reserve a room early if you're not overnigting on your boat. I'll keep you posted as each event draws closer.
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Re: SJ 21 Fleet#1 Cruise's 2017

Postby CALDWELL » Mon May 22, 2017 7:20 pm

Set sail at noon.
The highlights of the pre-cruise, cruise at Coulon: for starters we sailed which is always good, we had the beautiful weather that reminded me why I put up with this generaly soggy place, we planned to circumnavigate Mercer Island and allowed the wind that was sometimes nil then multi-directional/velocity to dictate which direction we would go (counter clock wise).
There were bald eagles diving for fish.
Other sailboats to pass.
After about 2 1/2 hours a 10 to 12 knot westerly wind freshened and carried us under the I-90 high level
Bridge at which point we decided to turn around so as to make our dinner date at Ivars with my First Mate (Admiral).
About half way back while jibbing the spinaker, my foredeck crew had his new cool sunglasses fliped into the lake and my other
crew dove to
try and rescue them to no avail.
Doust the sails at 5pm.
It was a great way to kick off the cruising season.
NEXT UP: Elliott Bay Cruise, June 3-4, check for updates as we get closer
to the date.
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Re: SJ 21 Fleet#1 Cruise's 2017

Postby CALDWELL » Mon May 29, 2017 11:53 am

Elliotte Bay Cruise is comprised of the waters east of Alki Point in the South to West Point in the north.
This coming Saturday and Sunday is Fleet ones first official Cruise of 2017, the plan is to set sail at Alki, Don Armeni Park boat ramp at noon this coming Saturday. Dowse sails at 4pm Sunday evening at Don Armeni ramp.
Overnight at Bell Harbor Marina Sat. night.
Call or text my cell phone for those who will be joining the cruise after we set sail.
Part of the reason for this cruise is to refresh our saltwater sailing skills and /or aquire some new ones.
Chalk talk will be from 930-10am
Will not cancel the cruise if the AccuWeather forecast is for showers or better. Will not set sail in the rain.

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Re: SJ 21 Fleet#1 Cruise's 2017

Postby CALDWELL » Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:37 pm

Sorry I missed posting of my report for the Elliott Bay cruise, I had it written up but I must of hit the wrong button and It disappeared. Maybe I can post it later.

More urgently, as the next cruise overnight is this weekend, Sat 8th and 9th. This is a great location because it is about midway between many launch points.

What: Rendezvous,

Where: Blake Island overnight

When: 3:00PM

They may have a Salmon dinner and show available at Tillicum Village.

If you want a wood campfire bring your own firewood as there is none on the Island.

Hope to see those who have been asking for more cruises from fleet 1, to join in on this one.
Concerned about getting moorage? Perhaps the following will put your mind at ease. You have a rather special sailboat.
This is a SJ21 style cruise, join in anytime, usually they can squeeze our (keel/rudder up boats) in the marina (they only need about 10 inches of water to float them) and these spaces can be found at the ramp end of the docks. I've done this many times.
The buoys are another option if we find one we can all use it and raft up and then use one our boats for a dingy to go ashore. Finally if there are no buoys our boats can be beached, when I do this I find a convenient piece of driftwood to place under the bow to keep it from grinding on the shore.
-1 foot tide Saturday at 11:00am

I hope to see many of you there, please give me a heads up if you are coming.
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Re: SJ 21 Fleet#1 Cruise's 2017

Postby CALDWELL » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:22 am

So far all the cruise's posted on our calendar have happened.
The latest was the Olympia cruise. The weather was great with plenty of sunshin, wind and moorage. :x
Swantown Marina has all you need for boating fun. Shore side activity is made more enjoyable when you bring a bicyle along, which we did. Many summer events are happening in the town.
A lot of restaurants are available on 4th Ave and elsware.
Percival landing is comprised of a rather long shoreline of board walk and outlooks, resturants and plenty of space to tie up your boat for free 4 hour moorage.
The bikes made it possible to make a quick ride around the Capital Lake a breeze. Warm nights made it counducive for moon and stargazing.
Prior to the cruise I was given a heads up about the shallow water and it does have that, however there are large areas that are well marked to keep one afloat.
I made it as far north as Boston Harbor. The lack of congestion at the marina made it easy to select a moorage spot that made it easy to come and go with sail power alone which I always makes sailing much more satisfying for me.
I'm looking forward to the next cruise to Friday Harbor, August 11-13 coming up next weekend. Please check the website for launch time and location. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
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Re: SJ 21 Fleet#1 Cruise's 2017

Postby CALDWELL » Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:56 pm

Well fellow cruisers I did make a good attempt to do the
Shaw Island Race.
I got to Washington Park in Anacourtes alright after spending
some time at the West Marine Store there to find a backstay
shackle whose pin fell out on the way there. Also I picked up a
new Windex after the previous one got used for tree triming,
it had some stress to the mouunting bracket that needed to be
After viewing the fog conditions accross Rosario Strait where
you could see the ferry boats quickly disapear into and with the
weather predictions of 15-20 knots for the race the next day
and the final straw was when my wife hurt her finger during our
attempted launch.
We dicided that it was best to go home, something that I
seldom if ever do.
After resting at home on Friday and Saturday. I decided that
I could go do a short overnight at Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge
Island, left Alki around Noon on Sunday and returned about the
same time Monday.
It was overcast and blowing about 8-10knots on the way over and
sunny with about 0-2knots on the way back.
Moorage was available at the public dock which has been
upgraded since my last visit and is planned to be improved
during the off season 2017-2018.
Injoyed some Thai food for dinner while watching the
Seahawks preseason game August 13th.

Nice cruise!
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